IEEE/ACM IWQoS workshop 2012

Publication Date: 2012-05-15 10:54:11

20th International Workshop on Quality of Service
4-5 June 2012
Coimbra, Portugal

    Quality of Service (QoS) in communication systems has been a long lasting research focus worldwide. The twenty-year history of IWQoS has established it as a highly reputable forum to present novel ideas on all research subjects related to the topic. While QoS research for future generations of wired and wireless networks continues to attract much interest, recent exploration of data centers, virtualization, cloud computing, cloud services, industrial communication, and “green” computing has motivated a new wave of research interest in QoS and its related metrics such as Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Protection (QoP). The scope of IEEE/ACM IWQoS 2012 covers both theoretical and experimental research on QoS, QoE, QoP and related issues such as survivability, availability, reliability, security, privacy, pricing, resource provisioning and management, user experience, and system performance guarantees. Topics of interest include QoS issues in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Quality of cloud services and cloud computing
  • Quality of protection, quality experience, security and privacy
  • System dependability, availability; resilience and robustness to faults and security attacks
  • Scheduling, resource management, queue management, admission control;
  • Traffic engineering approaches and tools for provisioning and evaluation
  • Quality evaluation metrics and methodologies; application-aware
  • QoS parsing, identification and control
  • Measurement, evaluation, adaptation and verification
  • Network operations, pricing and billing, network and service management
  • Architectures and protocols for IP, overlay and peer-to-peer networks; optical networks, wireless, ad hoc, mesh, and sensor networks
  • Energy awareness in communication systems
  • Design for the Future Internet