CISUC researchers win Best Paper Award

Publication Date: 2013-10-03 16:14:57

Audio Mostly 2013 conference

CISUC researchers win the Best Paper award at the international Audio Mostly 2013 conference - Interacting with Sound, in Sweden, with a study on a sound-only game developed at the Games Development course of the Masters of Informatics Engineering.


"The Blindfold Soundscape Game: A Case for Participation-Centered Gameplay Experience Design and Evaluation"

Pires D., Furtado B., Carregã T., Reis L., Peireira L., Craveirinha R., Roque L., Proceedings of the 8th Audio Mostly Conference: A Conference on interaction with Sound, 18-20 September, 2013, Pitea, Sweden

In this paper we report on a game design exercise that focus on the sensoriality and sensemaking participant dimensions for conceiving and evaluating gameplay experience, by framing design intentions, artifact characteristics and user participation. Through this exercise we were able to build understandings of user participation in the soundscape constituting the gameplay scenario. By employing a goal-question-metric approach we demonstrated the viability of using the participation-centric gameplay model dimensions as a basis for the synthesis of gameplay participation indicators and metrics, and their analysis in the context of interactions with a game as soundscape