Postgraduate Colloquium Series - DEI/CISUC

Publication Date: 2015-10-22 14:30:31

Room A5
14h00 - 15h00

Friday, October 23rd of 2015

Speaker: Prof. Fernando Amílcar Bandeira Cardoso
Affiliation:  DEI/CISUC

Title"Blending Concepts: from computer viruses to pengwhales, snorses and other strange creatures"

Abstract: " The capability of relating apparently unrelated pieces of information, of spoting unexpected connections that could allow to uncover non-obvious ways to transverse a conceptual space and reach unexplored areas, is known to be one of the key characteristics of a creative mind.
In this talk we will present an overview of current and past research on applying a psycho-cognitive theory of concept creation, the Conceptual Blending (CB) theory proposed by Fauconnier and Turner, in computational frameworks. We will give special emphasis to research carried out by our team on a computational approach to Conceptual Blending, in particular its first computational implementation, Divago, and subsequent research that is being carried on within the context of the european project ConCreTe. "