Adea: Evolving Glyphs for Aiding Creativity in the Graphic Design Workflow



In creative fields such as Graphic Design, it is often difficult to break away
from the past and find novel solutions. We present an evolutionary system
for generating typographical glyphs along with a 3-stage workflow for
using it as a graphic design tool. We evolve SVG using both interactive and
automatic fitness assignments and comparing traditional operators with
topological ones. The results suggest that the implemented topological
operators are less destructive than conventional ones. Advantages
to both interactive and automatic evaluation methods are addressed.
Finally, we refer to a set of design artefacts developed out of the
generated glyphs, demonstrating the relevance of including the system in
the designers’ workflow.


Generative Design, Generative Typography, Computational Creativity, Genetic Algorithm.


Computational Creativity


8th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X (xCoAx 2020) 2020

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