From Hands-on Sessions to User Insights on Designing an Interactive System for Data Science



Our design research goal is to improve the user experience and effectiveness of an integrated IT solution for supporting the creative and collaborative Data Science (DS) life-cycle process. The work is being done as a Design Science Research (DSR) project, in real-life context. Within a fast-pace development environment, with scarce access to end-users, we combined hands-on sessions and semi-structured user interviews into a fast-forward design insights technique ([aka insightz]) to capture: i) people interests and expectations about the tool (leading to design improvements) and ii) stakeholders’ insights about the DS process itself (leading to process and business innovation). We propose these insightz workshops and the user research approach as a design technique to define and to communicate design principles and guidelines between different stakeholders, namely, UI/UX and engineering teams.


Data Science; Design Science Re-search; Human-Computer Interaction; Information Systems Design.; User Experience Design


Information Systems Development (ISD) 2019

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